My services

The consultant who facilitates new innovations and makes new collaborations possible.

Olitog is your partner in forging new links with your business contacts. Olitog can, at your or your company's request, facilitate your next business deal or next long-term investment. We create additional value in your future projects regardless of professional field or geographic location.

Comittment and curiosity have come together to create a well-established, global network of contacts that is constantly expanding. Olitog is a key actor in the role of guide with regards to your contacts and services, regardless of whether it concerns the setting up of a new business, changes to or expansion of an existing one. The work is conducted independently, as well as in dynamic and close cooperation.

We are attentive, efficient and flexible in the way in which we connect the right people with the right opportunities, and in finding the optimal solutions concerning the purchase of goods or services. We provide professional services with a personal touch and are highly motivated to deliver in accordance with your wishes.

How Olitog operates

I make it possible for your already working company to become even better, more efficient and more focused on its principal activity. With my long experience and my strong network of contacts I can offer market and company analysis that help you develop, modernise and refine your strategic plans. My knowledge of the market is particularly good when it comes to the construction sector.

Corporate operations and culture are analyzed through talks with everyone from management through production. From there we assess what already works well in your organization, and where the weak links are to be found. If desired I can of course provide suggestions for which changes will give the greatest increase in fluidity. I am, according to your wishes and our agreement, of course available during the whole restructuring process.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Please feel free to contact me!

Lisa Klasson

+41 79 271 50 94         PGEgY2xhc3MgPSAibF9tYWlsIGxfbmV3X3dpbmRvdyIgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmxpc2FAb2xpdG9nLnNlIiB0YXJnZXQ9X2JsYW5rPmxpc2FAb2xpdG9nLnNlPC9hPg==