Rock blasting consultant
bringing people together

We make possible and facilitate cooperation and new innovation.

Olitog is your partner in forging new links with your business contacts. Olitog can, at your or your company's request, facilitate your next business deal or next long-term investment. We create additional value in your future projects regardless of professional field or geographic location.

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Market and operations analysis

I assist you in making your already working company become even better, more efficient and more focused on its principal activity. Together we can develop, modernise and refine your strategic visions.

Many years of experience in the field

I started working as a Blaster in the mid 1990s. Thanks to my own changes and restructuring, both personal and in the company, I have created for myself a completely new foundation on which to build.

Business travel in a relaxing environment

Bring your coworkers to the relaxing and creative Engadin valley in southeastern Switzerland. Here is your opportunity to let new thoughts and ideas take shape, team-build in ways beyond the ordinary and meet both old and new business acquaintances from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Olitog is a key actor in the role of guide with regard to your contacts and services, regardless of whether it concerns the setting up of a new business, changes to or expansion of an existing one. A hand outstretched to show you new opportunities and to help you find simplicity in the difficult decisions.

ALT sista meningen: A candle held aloft to light your way to new opportunities and to help you find simplicity in the difficult decisions.